Give Chronic Pain Patients an Individualized Plan,
Not a Pamphlet

Treating chronic pain patients is challenging. These patients’ lack of understanding of chronic pain and their frustration can strain staff and resources. Pain University educates and supports chronic pain patients so they can become better informed and positively engaged in their health care.

Why Enroll Chronic Pain Patients in Pain University

Pain University enrollment assures chronic pain patients that you hear their concerns and questions and understand that pain has catastrophic impacts on their quality of life.

Our unique, advisor-informed curriculum does the following:

  • Teaches patients about the causes of pain
  • Helps patients communicate physical, emotional and social pain to medical providers in a specific way
  • Facilitates a meaningful doctor-patient relationship
  • Promotes implementing pain mitigation strategies in daily life

A Best-Practice Approach Helps Patients Understand Chronic Pain

Chronic pain patients are more likely to follow orders when they gain knowledge and have the ongoing, personalized support necessary to make lifestyle and mind-set changes. Pain University promotes self-empowerment via education, which leads to purpose and hope. The program is an educational model that does the following:

  • Builds knowledge and empowerment throughout the eight-week online curriculum
  • Provides one-on-one personal interaction with well-trained advisors to guide learning and inspire patients to continue the work
  • Provides feedback after completion of weekly courses
  • Includes pre- and post-assessments to show progress

Turn Chronic Pain Patients into Engaged Health Care Partners

Pain University gives chronic pain patients exceptional support through individualized education plans, a comprehensive, best practice-based curriculum and individual interaction. Together, these tools reinforce lifestyle changes and engage patients in their treatment plan.

“Pain University is a unique approach to help patients living with chronic pain take an active role in changing their quality of life. Not only do the courses and individualized ‘pain plans’ help patients better understand their emotional and physical responses to pain, but also educates them on how they can take an active role moving forward with purpose.” ”

– Dr. Smith

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