Pain Scholars

Reduce Chronic Pain’s Impact on Your Life
with Knowledge and Support

Pain University has the latest curated information to put your mind at ease and better navigate life in spite of chronic pain. Our eight-week online courses and personal advisors not only validate your experience with pain but also help you gain a better understanding of it.

If You Weren’t the Scholar Type Before, Chronic Pain Changed That

Pain University is where people, like you, find the knowledge and support to understand chronic pain in a deeper way. As you complete each week of the eight-week online program, you gain confidence in your ability to reduce the impact chronic pain has on your daily life. Coursework is divided into levels from introductory to mastery.

Weekly support sessions with Pain University advisors help you find ways to thrive in spite of pain. Our empathetic advisors are carefully trained to determine your learning preferences, to hear your concerns and to guide you toward courses that will allow you to understand your pain.

With Pain University’s best practices-based curriculum, you’ll learn the following:

  • Where you are right now in your life is enough. You are enough, just as you are
  • How to regain your quality of life by living one moment at a time
  • How to decrease the impact of pain on your daily life
  • How to navigate a customized pain education plan based on your immediate needs
  • Best practice-based techniques to change pain perception and response

If Master's Degrees Were Awarded for Chronic Pain, You’d Have One

Pain University scholars can take charge of their chronic pain with the latest accurate, evidence-based information available. Our curriculum and resources are accessible online anytime you have a question, need clarification or a reminder that you are not alone and your pain is definitely real.

There are more than 51 million Internet search results for “chronic pain.” With more than 100 million Americans living with chronic pain, it is an urgent concern. Pain University was founded to give you one place to find the most accurate and most current reliable information about pain so that you can translate that information into practical ways to experience less pain.

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