Educate Chronic Pain Plaintiffs So They Are
Better Informed and Engaged in Litigation

Representing chronic pain clients is challenging because their lack of knowledge on the condition and the litigation process can put case outcomes at risk. Pain University educates and supports your chronic pain plaintiffs so they can become better informed and positively engaged in their cases.

Why Enroll Your Chronic Pain Plaintiffs in Pain University

Pain University assures your chronic pain plaintiffs that you hear their concerns and understand that pain has catastrophic impacts on their quality of life.
Our unique, advisor-informed curriculum does the following:

  • Helps clients understand the causes of pain
  • Helps clients communicate physical, emotional and social pain to medical providers in a specific way
  • Helps clients understand litigation process basics
  • Facilitates a respectful attorney-client relationship
  • Promotes implementing pain mitigation strategies in daily life

The Chronic Pain Plaintiff Program Is a Best-Practice Approach to Help Clients Understand Chronic Pain

Chronic pain plaintiffs who are better informed provide stronger evidence of chronic pain throughout the litigation process.

Pain University’s Chronic Pain Plaintiff Program’s coursework increases your client’s knowledge base over an eight-week series of online classes. Well-trained personal advisors supplement the coursework with one-on-one weekly interaction. On completion of the program, chronic pain plaintiffs receive a certificate that can be added to their case file.

Is Pain University’s Chronic Pain Plaintiff Program Discoverable?

While the program’s coursework is discoverable and can be made available to attorneys for review upon request, information shared via communication between litigant (scholar), Pain University and attorney should fall under attorney-client privilege. For more information, refer to The ‘Lectric Law Library’s Protection From Discovery — A Little About Work-Product, Attorney-Client And Common-Interest Privileges.

Turn Chronic Pain Plaintiffs into Powerful Partners

Pain University gives chronic pain clients exceptional support through individualized education plans, a comprehensive, best practice-based curriculum and individual interaction. Together, these tools reinforce pain understanding, increased communication skills and knowledge that builds hope.

“As an attorney who also lives with chronic pain, I realize the importance of educating clients about the litigation process. Pain University fills a much-needed gap in that education.”

– Mike Hockley, Spencer Fane, LLP

Stay Informed!