Pain Plaintiff

The Pain Plaintiff educational program empowers personal injury or product liability plaintiffs through concrete guidance that helps them understand the litigation process and facilitates an understanding of the emotional, social and psychological impact of chronic pain.

5 Lessons

Being a plaintiff in any litigation is a hard job. Being a personal injury or product liability plaintiff with pain will naturally bring up many emotions. You may be angry (at those whose product or negligence harmed you, angry with yourself for being victimized, angry with your family because they don’t understand what you are going through and angry with your attorney because the process seems so slow and you can’t control how the lawsuit plays out). You might also feel frustrated, isolated, overwhelmed and may even experience feelings of hopelessness. Having these feelings come and go is normal. Learning ways to manage negative emotions is essential to your case.

One important way to do this is by learning how to be a well-informed and empowered plaintiff. That is why your attorney has asked you to take this series of classes. This is your job in this litigation.

The Pain Plaintiff Program is designed to:

  1. Provide an overview of the litigation process, including commonly used terminology and roles and responsibilities
  2. Provide information about the psychosocial aspects of chronic pain at a level that is easy to understand
  3. Facilitate an understanding of the emotional aspects of chronic pain
  4. Facilitate an understanding of the social and psychological impact of chronic pain on family members and other caregivers
  5. Facilitate an understanding of how best to communicate pain to/with medical providers
  6. Stress the value of self-advocacy for people living with chronic pain

It is important to your case that you find a way to navigate through these emotional and physical minefields in a way that promotes your well-being. Pain University can help.

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