Cindy Leyland

Cindy Leyland, EMBA

Because of the way pain is woven into her daily life, Cindy makes purposeful choices that begin with just getting out of bed in the morning. She puts her alarm clock across the room so that she HAS to get up and turn it off. She pushes herself through the day with purpose. She carves out time in her weekends to appreciate her husband, her children and grandchildren with purpose. Cindy admits that she pushes herself too hard on many days. After all, being purposeful doesn’t mean being perfect.

Her favorite phrase is “hide and watch.” Anyone who takes that challenge will be quite surprised. Pain may punctuate her days, but purpose is what fills in the spaces between. Living a life with hope and purpose is the strength she brings to Pain University. It is the gentle gift she holds for our scholars and their caregivers… patience, perseverance, and purpose.