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Pain University Many Paths. One Direction.

Pain University offers exceptional chronic pain education through individual interaction, information and support in a comfortable, convenient online setting. Our research-based curriculum is supported by trained advisors who touch base weekly online or by phone.

There’s a Difference Between Getting Through Pain and Thriving in the Face of It

More than 100 million Americans have chronic pain (defined as pain that has been present for six months or longer). While chronic pain is often a lasting pain, evidence indicates the individual experience of pain can be reframed with intentional, informed and comprehensive pain education.

There is an abundance of scientific research on traditional and alternative ways to manage pain. Increasingly, information about pain can be found on the internet and in self-help books and articles. But, when you have chronic pain, this information often is difficult to find and harder still to understand. There is no dedicated place where information is tailored to guide pain scholars through a course of study, allowing them to understand their pain on a functional level and implement strategies that change how they react to pain triggers, which can significantly change the experience of pain and its impact on quality of life.

Pain University was founded to be that place. We believe that people living with pain can take a myriad of pain education courses in a self-directed way and apply what they learn based on their unique needs to move in one direction toward hope.

From Knowledge Comes Hope and Purpose

Knowledge: Current peer reviewed literature on chronic pain

Wisdom: evidence-based techniques and best practices to redirect the experience of pain through intentional, informed and comprehensive strategies that you can use instantly

Hope: access to personal stories, our online community and a personal advisor who will guide you through a process that allows you understand the way pain impacts your biological, emotional and social experiences and allows you to apply your understanding in a way that decreases the intensity of the pain experience.

Meet Pain University’s Founders

Co-founders Lesli Hill and Cindy Leyland have their own personal pain stories, yet they make intentional choices to live purposeful lives. They remain deeply curious about pain and how it impacts individuals physically, emotionally and socially.

Lesli A. Hill, MS

Pain University was conceptualized in 2014 as I was trying to deal with six years of catastrophic complications from a routine surgery. Intense pain was the most frightening part of the overwhelming complications. I kept hoping that it would go away, but I sensed that this type of pain would stay with me perhaps for the rest of my life. I was 58 at the time of surgery and the rest of my life seemed impossible to imagine.

Cindy Leyland, EMBA

Pain University co-founder, Cindy Leyland, has not had many pain free days in her entire life. As a child, she spent months in hospitals with severe asthma. Doctors did not think she would live to be an adult or have a good quality life. Over time, several pain conditions emerged. Yet, while pain persisted, she did, too. She worked as a legal assistant when she was in high school. She raised two children as a single mom, cared for her mother who had multiple medical problems, graduated from college, earned an MBA and worked her way into a job that is personally satisfying and socially impactful.

The Pain University Team

Tiffany Hill, Customer Service Lead

Tiffany serves as our lead customer service representative. She is a natural fit for our customer service values and she has been doing aspects of it her entire career in restaurant management and banking. However, Tiffany brings more than work experience to Pain University. She has the gift of being able to listen, to be present in the moment and respond in a professional, yet genuinely empathetic way.

Jude LaClaire, PhD, Coaching Lead and Content Advisor

Jude LaClaire brings the depth and breadth of forty-five years of professional experience to Pain University. Her intuitive ability for working with people who have emotional and physical pain brings wisdom to all aspects of Pain University. Jude serves as the Pain coach lead and content advisor.

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